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Sociology Department Faculty/Staff

William K.A. Agyei, Ph.D.; Professor; Fulbright Scholar (University of Maryland)
Demography (population), Family, Statistics, Research Methods

James Curiel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
(University of California at Davis)
Popular culture, race and ethnic relations, social theory, and gender in commercial organizations

Doris L. Edmonds, J.D.; Assistant Professor (College of William and Mary)
Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency

Edward Eule, Ph.D., Professor;
(Howard University)
Research Methods, Statistics, Urbanization, Demography

Ira B. Falls, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Director, Master of Arts Urban Affairs Program
(Old Dominion University)

Michael Fisher, Ph.D., MSW, Associate Professor;
State University of New York at Albany)
Criminal Justice, Social Work, Juvenile Delinquency, Offender Rehabilitation

Bernadette Holmes, Ph.D., Professor;
Director, Master of Arts Criminal Justice Program (Ohio State University)
Criminology, Gender, Community Development

Robert K. Perkins, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Department Head
(Iowa State University)
Social Inequality, Crime and Justice, Organizational Management, Social Capital and Social Organization

Yuying Shen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
(University of North Texas)
Research Methods and Statistics; Medical Sociology; Family/Community Studies; Globalization and Comparative Sociology;
Race/Ethnicity; Cultural Sociology; Social Stratification; Development and Social Change

David L. Spinner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Master of Arts, Criminal Justice Program

Carlene Turner, Ph.D., Associate Professor
(City University of New York)
Statistics, Sociological Theory; Research Methods; Ethnographic Research; Interdisciplinary Research -- Urban Health