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Membership in music organizations is open to all students of the University by audition & with the approval of the directors of the various groups

Music majors are required to take a minimum of one credit hour of ensemble for seven semesters. Regular attendance at rehearsals and at all performances is required. Non-majors may enroll with or without credit.

The University Bands consist of three organizations:

* The Marching Spartan Legion - A high stepping marching unit usually numbering some 130 bandsmen.

* The Concert Band - A group of approximately 80 musicians which read and perform the important literature written for the medium, it also serves as the required ensemble for instrumental music majors and a laboratory for student conductors.

* The University Symphonic Wind Ensemble - A select group of approximately 45 players which performs the finest in band literature on campus and on tour.

The University Choirs include three
performing organizations:

*The University Choir - An ensemble of approximately forty male and female voices specializing in the performance of concert literature of all periods, and admission is solely through audition.

* The Choral Ensemble - Comprised of graduate and advanced undergraduate male and female voices.

* The University/Community Orchestra - This ensemble is the major performing group for the string majors at Norfolk State. In addition, members are recruited from other players at the University and interested adults from the community as well as student from the area middle schools, high schools and colleges.

  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble

These ensembles are designed as extended performance experience for advanced players. Students holding membership in these ensembles also combine the appropriate instrumentation to form the Jazz Ensemble , a group devoted to the serious study and performance of jazz forms.




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